GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA)- New changes along the swamp rabbit trail began Saturday as crews continue to work on the McDaniel Avenue Bridge.

For residents like Steve Jones, visits to the Swamp Rabbit Trail are daily. For more than 20 years he’s walked every day, most of the time accompanied by his friend, Ace. Like many people in Greenville, he said he’s familiar with the trail’s recent construction.

“I’ve seen a lot of new construction, some of it good, some of it bad,” said Jones.

He said it’s one of his favorite hobbies, but that’s now more challenging for his four-legged friend.  

“My dog’s going through some rehab from an operation, it’s very difficult, because of the detours and not everything is walk-friendly so it’s kind of tough on him,” said Jones.

The new detour began Saturday, between Falls Park and Cleveland Park, near the Rudolph Anderson Memorial airplane. 

According to the city of Greenville, as the South Carolina Department of Transportation continues its work on the bridge, crews are also making infrastructure updates to a sewer main underneath the bridge.

The city is now asking users to follow the posted route along Ridgeland and Cleveland Park Drive, located on the north side of the Reedy River.

While many city residents like Jones are frustrated with the timing of the project, others said they will wait as long as it takes.

“I don’t mind the detour now,” said Sherry Parrini, a Greenville resident. “I think it’s fine and as long as you’re getting the job done, however long it takes is fine.”

Parinni has lived in Greenville all her life and believes the construction brings positive change. 

“This area has always been very beautiful and I like that they’re doing construction, they’re strengthening the bridge that probably has needed to be fixed for a while,” said Parrini.

Others agree, explaining they like the new safety component it will bring.

“As far as trail work on the trail, it can get icy under the Mcdaniel bridge so I think that’s really important that they do some work there and make it safer for everybody because it’s also a blind turn, and I know there’s a mirror down there, but it could definitely keep people safer,” said Amy Coleman, a Greenville resident.