ANDERSON COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) — Anderson County has approved the transformation of a former fire station into a library.  

According to the Anderson County Special Projects team, the library is currently in the environmental phase which is testing to make sure the building can handle construction.  

“I am super excited about this project. Having the new library come downtown being able to use a space that’s already here and renovated I think it’s a great project and a great space for a library,” said Annie Sutton the library director.

Anderson County Special Projects team said the 4,000 square foot space will have a modern, open layout that will allow the community and schools in the area to study, check out books and use computers. 

“It’s about a 1.5 million dollar project. $500,000 comes from the federal government through the Community Development Block Grant source and $1 million is coming from the state,” said special projects manager Jon Caime. 

Sutton said she envisions the library becoming a space where the community can come together, relax and learn at the same time. 

“People can drop by anytime. We’ll have programming and we’ll also put some emphasis on vocational training so there might be computer classes for things that you can attend. The other big plus about this building is that we will have a much larger meeting room so that community groups can use the main room to have their meetings, events and things like that,” said Sutton. 

Anderson County Special Projects team said construction will start at the beginning of 2024. The construction phase will take around a year to complete before the grand opening in 2025.