CLEMSON, S.C. (WSPA)- Athletes at Clemson University will soon have a way to capitalize on their social media presence, and it’s potentially for a good cause, through an NIL program called TigerImpact.

TigerImpact has one mission; To allow athletes at Clemson University to use their name, image and likeness to promote and serve charities. Leaders say it’s the first program of its kind in the nation.

It’s no secret that NIL has changed the game for college athletics.

In this new era, college athletes can profit off of endorsements and marketing deals.

“This gives them an opportunity to use their name, image and likeness for their own promotion. In many instances, it’s also for the promotion of the team or university theyre in because they’re affiliates with that,” Treasurer of TigerImpact Kendall Alley said.

A new program at clemson called TigerImpact is combining that to promote giving back.

Co-founder Rich Davies said, “It’s designed to do two things. One is to enhance the educational experience of student-athletes at Clemson, and two, to help community charitable organizations that really struggle in this increasingly competitive social media world.”

Clemson athletes will partner with a charity and to use their social media following to promote the goal of that charity.

“To understand the importance of giving back and to see these volunteer-based community organizations doing what they do and learning from them while being immersed with them and providing other public relations and marketing support,” Davies said.

The athletes will also make in-person appearances for their charities, then will get compensated when they meet certain requirements.

Leaders say they think Clemson is the perfect school to launch this program.

Davies said, “We believe that it fits very well with Clemson’s culture of caring. Both from the standpoint of developing athletes and giving them the opportunity to do some things that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to do.”

TigerImpact leaders say they hope this idea will be brought to other colleges and universities across the nation.

Other popular former athletes at Clemson are on the TigerImpact committee, like Ben Boulware, Dexter Lawrence and Hunter Renfrow.