SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – Spartanburg County has a large to-do list of road repairs throughout the county.

With the help of a new online project viewer, residents can keep track of road repairs like a project at the intersection of Clark Road and Sugar Ridge Road.

“Spartanburg County maintains a lot of roads. It has more than 1,700 miles of roads,” said Scottie Kay Blackwell, the county’s communications manager.

If you take that distance and stretch it out in a straight line, it would be like getting in your car in Spartanburg and driving all the way to the Arizona state line.

“That’s a lot of maintenance,” Blackwell said. “We also have state-maintained roads in the county, and we also have municipal-maintained roads in the county and all of those together would take you from here to Alaska.”

With more than 3,400 miles of roads, many are in bad shape.

“One of the number one complaints that we tend to get from the public is the state of our roads,” Blackwell said. “According to our most recent condition assessment of our roads we scored a 57.5 out of 100. If this were a school, if it were a class grade that would be an F.”

The county is hoping to change that F to an A. And while they work towards that goal, they launched an online tool that, “gives our residents an inside look at what we are working on,” Blackwell explained.

“We have different kinds of projects on the project viewer, including intersection improvements, stormwater improvements, bridge improvement, striping projects and paving projects” all plotted on the map.

“If they are concerned about a certain bridge or stormwater infrastructure or a road that they think needs repaving they can go and search a custom area, type in their address and see if there is anything going near them,” Blackwell said. “Belcher Road Bridge is currently under construction; they will replace the bridge and realign that roadway right there.”

Because Blackwell said it’s not just about doing the work, “but showing the public what we are doing because we believe they deserve to know where their taxpayer dollars are going.”

The tool also lets you see the projected costs of each project.

The project viewer also has a separate map that allows you to view which would be the projects are associated with the November referendum if the penny sales tax extension passes. On that map, there are nearly 600 proposed projects.

To see the interactive map, click or tap here.