ANDERSON, S.C. (WSPA) – A new rooftop venue is planned for downtown Anderson, the first of its kind in the city.

Everyone loves to gather at a good rooftop venue with great views, good food and drinks.

This is what Anderson city leaders said residents can look forward to.

“We’ll have fireplaces, outdoor firepits that you can gather around with your group,” said Anderson City Manager David McCuen.

In a unanimous vote on Monday, city council approved UP on the Roof for the new rooftop space.

“It’s been a really interesting vision, the city really thought outside of the box on this,” McCuen said.

It’s going to sit on top of the city’s new parking garage next to the Hilton Hotel.

“This part of downtown has always been very busy, but a unique opportunity to put a rooftop venue on top of the parking garage,” McCuen said.

The project is something the city said people have been asking for.

“We always got so much community input about hey how cool would it be to have some type of event up top,” McCuen said.

The city said they’re hoping it’s a success.

“Adding to our growing food venues downtown, we’re certainly seeing more and more people come downtown, so it’s truly an attraction,” McCuen said.

They said as Anderson grows, they hope to make the city more night-life friendly, and this is just the start.

“So, what we’re seeing downtown and what we’re seeing in the community is a lot of young professionals moving into the community,” McCuen said. “It’s the new jobs, Anderson University is growing, the hospital is growing in employment, a lot of our industry is growing in employment, so this is a part of a vision to bring young professionals to downtown.”

The new 5,000 square foot space will create around 40 new jobs in Anderson. The city said it will open in the beginning of the new year.

This will be UP on the Roof’s third location after their rooftop spots in Greenville and Alpharetta, Georgia.