BOILING SPRINGS, S.C. (WSPA) – A new Target will be taking the place of Spartanburg County School District 2’s former 9th grade campus.

“It is a major coup for the Boiling Springs market,” said Ben Hines, president of Spencer/Hines Properties, who are representing District 2.

School District 2 said the students will be the ones who benefit from the revenues generated by this sale.

In a statement to 7NEWS, a District 2 spokesman said the development itself will generate tax revenue for decades to come, ultimately supporting students and staff.

The Target will be 147,000 square feet with a CVS and Starbucks inside. Hines said what will sit beside the Target is also something to be excited about.

“There will also be a QuikTrip coming out front along with Whataburger, a Big Blue Marble Daycare center and the program is going to have a pediatric dental clinic on the same site. In addition to that there is a 14-acre tract adjacent and to the right of Target,” said Hines.

Those 14 acres are currently being occupied by the Upstate Family Resource Center. They said while their portion of the property has not been officially sold yet, they are preparing.

“We know that ultimately we will leave this building and we are making plans to do that sooner rather than later,” said Kelley Ezell, executive director of Upstate Family Resource Center. “With the help of community partners, we will transition to this new space and the ministry and families will still be able to get the concrete support they need.”

Community members said they are concerned about what the project will mean for local traffic.

“I’m from the area so it’s pretty congested with traffic, what we have already, so I do think traffic is going to be a big issue,” said Hannah Baker, a Spartanburg county resident.

Traffic flow is something Hines and his team said they’ve been considering the entire time while planning.

“DOT has worked with us considerably on traffic flow and ingress and egress, so there will be three exits and entrances to that center so traffic will be minimized with (deceleration) lanes and acceleration lanes,” said Hines.

Until this property was sold, it was not generating any tax revenue for the school district and Spartanburg County.