SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA)- The new director of Spartanburg County Veterans Affairs, Brent Cobb, said there are three main things veterans struggle with.

He said, “it’s suicide, homelessness and employment.”

According to Cobb, roughly 17 veterans die by suicide a day and he said he wants that number to be zero.

That’s the number one issue he said he wants to take on.

Along with homelessness and employment, he said, “there is programs that help.”

A lot of the programs and partnerships focus on mental health and Cobb said, “it all starts by just reaching out.”

Cobb said, “if you know someone in those situations just reach out and do a buddy check… especially during Memorial Day and Veterans Day.”

There are several organizations Veterans Affairs partners with and among them is VA Mental Health Care, Upstate Veteran Solution and Warriors Once Again.

Cobb wants everyone to know they are a phone call away to point anyone in the right direction.