SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Former South Carolina Governor and 2024 contender for the Republican nomination for president, Nikki Haley, hosted a campaign event Thursday in Boiling Springs.

The event started at 3:30 p.m. at Plankowner Brewing Company on Sloane Garden Road.

Admission to the event was free, but ticket were required.

Haley’s event marks the third Upstate appearance in recent months.

It was standing room only at the brewing company. Everyone cheering one name: Nikki Haley.

“I think she is a force to be reckoned with and South Carolina, she has a lot of people’s votes here in Boiling Springs,” said Emilee Mosso, who attended.

“She is wonderful, she is honest, she just drips of integrity, because she has had the experience that none of the other candidates have approached,” said Beth Lee, who attended. “Not only in foreign affairs, but basically the success she has enjoyed in South Carolina.”

Haley reflected on her time as Governor of South Carolina, in the United Nations, and what se wants for the country.

She also discussed where she thinks the country is at.

“It’s tough out there right now. It’s hard to find anything good. You don’t have to turn on the news to know how bad it is, you feel it at the grocery store, you feel it at the gas station. We are 32 trillion dollars in debt,” said Haley.

She spoke on education and problems facing children and teenagers, veterans, domestic policy and national security.

“The one that is the most embarrassing, that makes me sick to my stomach, we give money to China. How sick is that? When I am president, we will no longer give money to countries that hate America,” she said.

“I agree with every single sentence that she proposes. I mean for policy we need a change, a dramatic change, in this country,” stated Garland Holt, who was at the event.

A lot of veterans and women were in the crowd and said through her, they feel heard.

“It is nice to see a female businesswoman, especially one that has worked from the ground up and cares so much about South Carolina,” said Mosso.

“I can’t thank her enough for what she’s preposing for our country. It’s needed, really, really badly,” said Holt.

After her speech, Haley answered questions from the crowd about things like climate change, school security, and inflation.

A recent poll shows Nikki Haley as the only Republican capable of defeating President Biden in the election.

Haley previously visited Greer in May, where she hosted a rally and spoke one-on-one with 7NEWS Amy Wood, covering a wide range of topics including abortion, the U.S. and Mexico border and foreign relations.