ANDERSON, S.C. (WSPA)- Slashed tires, an emptied gas tank, and an attempt to steal the catalytic converter.

That’s just some of the vandalism done to Anderson Interfaith Ministries this year.

“We actually had someone light Pepsi crates and melt them to our dock,” AIM Director Justin Sullivan said. “It hurts when we show up and there’s obvious damage to our property, our vehicles.”

They’re one of the biggest non-profits in Anderson., which is committed to serving the community in many different ways, so for this to happen they say is disappointing and a big hit to their wallet.

Sullivan said, “We’ve spent $5,600 during the calendar year for repairs for our vehicles, and that’s obviously not something you can budget for.”

The ministry filed a police report, but police say they haven’t gotten any leads on who is responsible for the vandalism.

Anderson Police Chief Jim Stewart said, “It’s not, you know, that you’re hurting this organization, you’re actually hurting the Anderson community.”

Chief Stewart says has this message for the vandal.

“It’s not worth the time and effort versus what you could be facing as the penalty on the crime on this,” Stewart said.

Aim just wants the vandalism to stop.

“I just think it’s someone who maybe doesn’t care about the community or where they’re at or what’s going on or who they’re hurting and who we’re trying to help, anything of that nature,” Sullivan said.

AIM says they’re planning on installing a higher quality camera system but need the funding before they can do that.

Stewart says if you want to submit a tip to catch the suspect, you can anonymously at 1-888-CRIME-SC.