SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – The National Weather Service said people in the Upstate should consider moving as the threat of flooding increases.

A flood watch has been expanded into more of the western Carolinas and extended through Monday.

NWS advised campers and hikers to move to higher ground due to possible flooding around South Carolina state parks. Potentially severe flooding may develop north of Highway 11 and toward Dupont Park.

Billy Gibson of the Pickens County Emergency Management said the rivers are a major cause of flooding in the Upstate.

“If they start to see it rise very quickly within 30 minutes or so, it’s time for them to make plans to evacuate and to get out of the area,” Gibson said.

If you live near a river or creek Gibson says you need to be extra careful.

“When we do see the on slot of heavy rain, those rivers will tend to rise very quickly, quickly than we anticipate,” Gibson said.

Campers and hikers need to maintain awareness of stream levels and move to higher ground as soon as possible.

“Also if severe weather does come around an area where they’re camping, especially if they’re in a camper, especially tent camping, they want to have a plan to go to a safe location,” Gibson said.

The emergency management mentioned that people should also make sure their phone is charged just in case they need to call 911.