LAURENS COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – More than 40 dogs were seized from a property in Laurens County over the past two days, the sheriff’s office said.

The dogs were taken from an address on Highway 221 in Enoree.

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to 7NEWS that the seizure began Monday and continued Tuesday morning.

Animal Control responded to the 27000 area of Highway 221 North in Enoree in reference to a welfare check on multiple dogs located at this residence.

Once they arrived at the scene, deputies immediately noticed a female dog with significant hair loss and sores located in a pen without proper shelter along with her puppies.

They saw several other dogs located in wire crates covered in feces with no food or water available to them. Deceased dogs were also discovered on the property.

Following the removal of 42 animals, deputies arrested Joyce Elaine Bynum, of Enoree, and Robert Franklin Harrison, of Enoree.

They were both charged with three counts of felony ill-treatment of animals, with torture
and nine counts of ill-treatment of animals.

Neighbors who spoke with 7NEWS, said some people in their family have been charged at or chased down by some of the dogs.

“The barking does affect your sleep, and as far as the dogs, some of them were loose and they would come over here,” said Taneshia Briggs, a neighbor. “It’s kind of just scary like you can’t even walk to your mailbox without feeling like you might have a dog come over. You might get chased.”

Briggs said she has two small children and feared for them.

“I did not bring them outside because I didn’t want anything bad happening to them,” Briggs added.

Shenese Gilmore said they have been complaining for months.

“We have been complaining from the moment that lady moved in. She brought a few dogs with her which was fine, and they would always get loose, chase after my grandkids, chase after my sister,” Gilmore said.

Gilmore said over time, she would see more and more dogs. She said animal control would come when they called, but said the owner would never answer the door.

“Then it was to the point where you couldn’t sleep at night. It sounded like a million dogs all at once–just going for it,” Gilmore said. “And at some point, we would come out of our homes and you could barely stand the stench. The smell was horrendous.”

On Sunday, Gilmore said as she was going to her mailbox, she found one of the dogs dead.

“My mailbox is here, so the driveway was there, so you could see something. So when I got in my car getting ready to leave I saw that it was a dog,” Gilmore said. “It was a big black dog at her driveway with his tongue hanging out.”

That’s when Gilmore said she called someone who works for the county, and on Monday law enforcement came.

“So last night, one of the officers came over and was talking to us,” Gilmore said. “My cousin that stays there, said that she saw them actually dumping dead dogs out of charcoal bags. Yeah it was bad. It was bad. It was bad.”

Gilmore said they all watched as law enforcement was at the home on Monday.

“When the policeman took them out of the bags, you saw the dogs fall out. Yeah it was awful,” Briggs said.   

Now neighbors hope justice is served.

“I hope that she gets what she deserves. I mean no animal should be in that brutality,” Briggs said.

“I hope they will throw her under the jail,” Gilmore said. “My hope is that she doesn’t purchase any more dogs. Don’t bring any more dogs over here. Don’t try to raise any more dogs, because if she does, we’re going to call in again, and again, and again.”

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office said they will release more information about this case on Wednesday.

We’re told the names of the two people arrested, along with their charges and mugshots will be released when they’ve been formally been served with all warrants.

Anderson PAWS assisted deputies with the seizure.