PACOLET, S.C. (WSPA) – Pacolet residents and elected leaders came together Sunday in prayer, following mass resignation within the police department.

“Father, I want to ask you to put your hand on everybody in this town,” said one man.

It came less than two weeks after nearly the entire Pacolet Police Department resigned, including former Police Chief John Alexander.

“The conditions have grown even more difficult, and the environment in town hall has become hostile,” said Alexander earlier this month. “We knew we were making the right decision to walk away.”

As residents came together Sunday, they prayed that the town could unite during a time of division.

“We’re going through a tough time,” said Mayor Ned Camby. “The people really know that.”

“I think it would be great if it could be another old-time Pacolet,” added Shirley Robertson. “There was not much trouble around here.”

Spartanburg County Sheriff’s deputies have responded to calls in Pacolet since officers resigned.

Camby said the town is continuing to accept applications for new officers and expects an interim police chief to be named soon.

“I think everyone will come together after we make our decisions,” said Camby.