MAULDIN, S.C. (WSPA) – A pedestrian bridge project is underway in Mauldin.

The new pedestrian bridge will cross over a six-lane interstate, connecting to multiple new attractions in the area.

7NEWS first told you about the project back in 2019. Mayor Merritt said construction on the bridge officially started in May, and more work is happening now.

“We now have a pedestrian–a walkable, bikeable bridge being built to get over from the east side of 385 to the west side, and hopefully move through the center of Mauldin, on into the Swamp Rabbit Trail segments at ICAR or at Conestee Park,” Merritt said.

One side of the bridge will connect to the new Bridgeway Station development. Merritt said Bridgeway Station is a total village in itself.

Source: City of Mauldin

“You’re going to have retail, you’re going to have an assortment of fooderies and restaurants, and bars,” Merritt said. “You’ll be able to totally walk it through a plaza that will look like you’re somewhere in Italy,” he said.

According to Merritt, Bridgeway Station will also include apartments, an entertainment facility, and more.

“So, if you go over there and spend the evening and enjoying it, and then you get on your bicycle ride across the bridge, and come out on East Butler Road,” Merritt said.

The new pedestrian bridge will connect to the Mauldin City Trail, and eventually to City Center’s Maverick Station.

“Once you get to East Butler Road–DOT is going to revitalize that segment all the way down to our 276 Main Street, where our City Center is at,” Merritt said. “Once they get that multi-use path, you’ll be able to walk and bicycle. So you’ll be able to go from Bridgeway, walk all the way to City Center, and our City Center is going to offer you more of a smaller scale walkable village concept,” he said.

“It should be a good thing. You know anytime you can get from point A to point B,” said Joel Ann Chandler, Owner Mauldin Open Air Market.

Chandler’s business is right next to Mauldin High School. She believes having more walkers and bikers in the area, will bring even more business.

“I’m sure they’ll find their way over here,” Chandler said. “It’s not going to hurt me. You know, we just welcome new customers all the time,” she said.

When it comes to the pedestrian bridge, drivers won’t miss it, since Merritt said it’ll have cool LED lighting.

Source: City of Mauldin

“We came up with an LED lighting system. It’ll be totally computer-controlled. So, you can change the intensity. You can change which ones are on and off, and it’s much more iconic–that it’s focusing on that center pyramid,” Merritt said.

Mayor Merritt hopes the new pedestrian bridge will reel people in.

“When you’re driving 385 and you see the lights on it, you’re going to say “Whoa, what is this? We need to stop and find out.” Well welcome to the City of Mauldin–Bridgeway Station,” Merritt said.  

Mayor Merritt said the pedestrian bridge should be complete in late 2022 or early 2023. He said Bridgeway Station’s current proposed grand opening is early 2023 or spring at the latest. Merritt also said City Center’s Maverick Station should be complete in late fall 2022.