CLEMSON, S.C. (WSPA)- Perimeter Road construction is well underway.

Officials say it’s one of the biggest road projects Clemson University has seen in a while and is expected to ease some of the traffic frustrations in the area.

Five years ago, project manager at Clemson, John Gambrell says about 8,000 cars traveled on Perimeter a day.

Now, he says that number has doubled.

“Numbers now are in the greater than 16,000 car per day range and that vastly exceeds the capacity for the 2-lane section,” Gambrell said.

The increased traffic started to cause a lot of bottle neck issues, especially on days when more people are in town.

However, school leaders say it might not be bumper-to-bumper much longer.

Gambrell said, “We have worked with the community to come up with a plan to address this and we’ve started now.

An 18 month, 21-million-dollar project, funded by the University will widen Perimeter Road to four lanes, and will add walkways to make it safer for pedestrians.

Project manager Collin Abdnerhalden said, “We’re redoing the whole entrance, new traffic signals, just a bigger entrance and a second entrance on the other side of the parking lot.”

Gambrel says while the road is under construction, they still want it to be convenient.

He also says you can still use the road to get to football games in the fall.

“The criteria was that they can not have that loss of capacity and any closure has to happen during the summertime when students aren’t here. When the students return in the fall we have to have complete capacity. Those are some of the milestones we’re working through. Student move-in, first day of class, first football game, to have the same capacity this year as we had last year,” Gambrell said.

The goal is that the project is completed by fall of 2023, but project managers say they are experiencing some supply chain issues that could set them back.