SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – If you’ve gone to the pet store recently, you may have noticed the shelves are emptier than usual.

Local pet stores, such as Paisley Paw, says they’re seeing the impact of the pet food shortage.

Owner Robin Snelgrove said they’re taking their biggest hit on canned cat foods.

Snelgrove has owned the shop for 7 years. She said the never had a problem getting pet food before the pandemic.

“We have trouble with the canned cat food, the raw frozen food, sometimes getting that, and we have trouble with some of the dehydrated or freeze-dried food,” she said.

Jakie Hodge has two dogs and says she’s noticed when trying to get food for her pets.

“Absolutely. Fortunately, the type of food we buy we usually can get. But, I’ve been in pet stores before where many of the shelves were empty,” said Hodge.

She said some owners are having to switch their pets food.

“Sometimes a dog just does not adapt well when they switch foods. So, it makes it difficult for the pet, makes it difficult for the owner,” she said.

Snelgrove said she thinks it could be a problem with the companies getting ingredients or canning companies having too much of a demand. But, she says not all suppliers are having this problem.

“If they’re prepared, we seem to get those foods quicker and they don’t seem to run out of stock,” said Snelgrove.

The Paisley Paw orders weekly to get as much in stock as they can.

“It is frustrating, sometimes, and go weeks without being able to get it,” said Snelgrove.

Tim Smith said he’s been checking for food at Petsmart. He says he can’t always find what he’s looking for.

“It is frustrating, you ask them when the product is coming in and they can’t give you any date,” said Smith.

Smith said it’s important for him to find the right food, because he has a dog that has to get a special kind.

“Gastrointestinal, it is prescribed by a vet. If they don’t have it, then I have to go to Greenville to try and find it,” said Smith.

Snelgrove said they’re doing their best to keep food going from her shelves to your pet’s bowl.

She said some ways they stay a step ahead are staying in constant communication with her distributors and keeping a list of all the things her customers get for their pets.

Some local pet stores in the Spartanburg area where you can check for food for your pet are: