PICKENS COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – People in Pickens County are still dealing with damage after the National Weather Service confirms two tornadoes touched down Wednesday night.

Still, people in the hardest hit areas are getting right to work.

On Lost Valley Road trees are down and debris is everywhere.

“Judging by the path it came directly behind and on top of our house,” Kenny Morris said.

He said there was no warning.

“This was an absolute freak of nature,” Morris said. “We’re all blessed just to be alive right now.”

He said first, they heard the wind, then the debris hit the home.

“By that time it really started screaming and that’s when we realized oh this is not just a normal storm coming in,” Morris said. “You’ve just got to get down and prepare for the worst.”

When the storm passed and they came outside, Morris said it looked like a different world.

“The first thing we saw when we came out of course was the camper completely rolled over on the side the front porch up against her car and just trees down everywhere,” Morris said.

He said the winds even picked his home up and moved it several feet.

“It basically just levitated. It levitated it up and then it came right back down,” Morris said.

The stairs of a deck once attached to his home are now strewn across the yard.

“Some of it is here, the rest of it I would assume is probably out in the field.”

Morris said it was over in about 30 seconds but the damage that was left behind will likely take weeks if not longer to recover from.

“This is the hard part finding a place to live how long is this going to take.”

Now, many here are waiting on insurance to come through and give them funds to recover.

Pickens County Emergency Management said it is continuing to assess the damage along with the Red Cross and other volunteers. They expect to have an update on the recovery process next week.