SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) — 7News is learning new details about a plane that made an emergency landing Sunday night in Spartanburg.

A pilot landed his plane near the Advance Auto Parts parking lot on John B. White Sr. Boulevard just after 5 p.m. People nearby said they heard and felt the plane flying low.

“We started hearing like a big vibration, and I was like, ‘What is that noise,'” said Jasmine Hearst, an employee at a nearby business. “It was weird. Like, a plane. Never thought a plane would come down here.”

The area is just minutes from Spartanburg’s Downtown Memorial Airport.

“We just usually see them going around over the building type of thing,” said Hearst.

On Sunday, Hearst said people didn’t just see a plane overhead, they felt it flying low.

“You definitely felt like a loud vibration, like bass type of thing,” said Hearst.

Police said the pilot landed his plane in the parking lot, taking down some powerlines in the process. Duke Energy reported about 165 people lost power, but it was later restored.

“It was weird and then all of the sudden, we found out that a plane had crashed over there,” said Hearst.

A Spartanburg Police report shows the pilot told officers he was flying about 1,200 feet in the air, when he heard a boom and started losing power. He told officers he realized his engine was failing and he made the decision to land in the parking lot.

“I just saw a plane from there like landing at the Shell gas station and went and took a right into the auto place,” said Amul Patel, who was working at the Shell gas station. “It was like a bit on fire. At least it didn’t hit us. If that did hit us, it’s going to blow it up because there’s gas.”

Police said four people were on the plane, but no one was hurt.

FlightAware, a site that tracks flights, reported the plane took off from the airport 4:59 p.m. on Sunday. 7News reached out to the airport director for more information but did not hear back.

Officials said after landing, the plane was brought to a nearby mechanic shop.