WELLFORD, S.C. (WSPA) – Wellford Police are looking for new leads in a case, six years after a woman was reported missing.

“It’s very important that we keep this case open and we keep it fresh on our minds,” said Wellford Police Chief David Green.

Robbie Turner was reported missing in January 2017, but Chief Green said his department isn’t giving up on their search for answers.

“As long as the case is open, we’ll do what we can to close it and bring closure to the family,” said Green.

This week, Chief Green and officers will come back to the area near Wilkie Drive and Ridge Road, where Turner was last seen in 2017.

“We’re going to be in the area re-interviewing some of the people that knew her at the time that she went missing and talk to some family members that may be able to recall something,” said Green.

Chief Green said Turner was known to disappear for days at a time, so family waited a week to report her missing. He also said factors like rain made it difficult to search the area back in 2017.

“I remember it was pouring down rain that night so we couldn’t do full scale search. The next day and days after that, we did search the entire area with multiple dog teams and rescue teams and even weeks after that, we’d come back and search again,” said Green.

Now, he said they’re hoping to discover new leads, by going out into the community and talking with neighbors.

“Somebody in the area knows what happened that night and somebody has that one detail that may crack the whole case. So that’s why every year we come back and talk to the same people over and over,” said Green.

He hopes they learn new information to bring closure to Turner’s loved ones and family.

“We’re praying to recover her, but as many years as has passed, it may be a recovery [of a body],” said Green.

Chief Green said Turner lived in a very tight-knit community, but he’s hoping someone will come forward with details that could help close this case.

If people have any information, they can call Wellford Police at 864-439-2436.