SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – The Spartanburg Police Department is once again asking for the public’s help in solving a 2015 cold case homicide.

For the last eight years, it has been Donna Tracy’s mission to find the person who murdered her son.

“I’m hoping for justice for my son, he deserves it, we deserve it,” said Donna Tracy, mother of the victim. “It will help bring closure, no it won’t bring him back but somebody will be held accountable for taking his life.”

On October 6th, 2015, Markeith Tracy was shot on Carlisle Street in Spartanburg. For these last eight years, as his mother and family have been learning how to cope. His killer has yet to be found.

“To know that the people are still out there and they’re able to do it again because if they could so carelessly take my son’s life, they can do it again and they probably will,” said Tracy.

Tracy said her son was her best friend, and her life is and will now always be consumed with finding answers. Answers detectives with the Spartanburg Police Department are also searching for.

“We’re hoping that there’s someone who knows something…and we know that there are people who were involved, and maybe now, they shared information with someone and now they’re willing to give information to the family,” said Major Art Littlejohn with the Spartanburg Police Department.

Littlejohn said on the night of the incident, Tracy was in a car with a girl, before two men in a black pickup truck with tinted windows drove by, then turned back around and shot Tracy twice.

He said now that it is years later, his team is hoping witnesses will finally come forward.

“Each person we lose is a family member of someone and we know that that person matters so not only do they matter to that family member but they matter to us,” said Littlejohn. “So we have a duty to go back and see what we can do to go back and make that arrest.”

For Donna Tracy, that arrest won’t bring back her son. But it will help her ease a permanent wound.

“At least we will know who it is, they will pay for their actions and we can get some kind of closure and my son will rest in peace,” said Tracy.

If you have any information about this cold case, reach out to the police department or crime stoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC.