SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – The Spartanburg Police Department said fireworks are not allowed within the limits of the city.

Police said, each year on Independence Day, officers respond to numerous fight calls, disturbances and noise complaints associated with fireworks. Officers have confiscated many fireworks that violate city ordinance 22-124.

The ordinance states the following:

It shall be unlawful within the limits of the city, for any person to sell or expose for sale, keep, store, maintain, have in possession, transport, give or pass any squibs, torpedoes, firecracker or any other type or form of fireworks, including salutes, Roman candles, fountains, balloons carrying any lighted substance, cannon, cane, skyrockets, bombs or other similar articles of fireworks, which will be fired, lighted, ignited, set-off or thrown.

Police said they plan to patrol the city July 4th in reference to fireworks-related calls and other complaints.

Officers recommended that citizens enjoy fireworks by going to professional-sponsored events as opposed to shooting their own fireworks.