LAURENS, S.C. (WSPA) – The Laurens Police Department said they are aware of the black bear sighting in Laurens.

Police have asked the public to no approach, capture, feed or have contact with the bear. This is an wild animal and should be considered extremely dangerous if approached.

The state Department of Natural Resources has been made aware and have advise the police department to leave the animal alone in hopes that it will return to the wild and move out of the city, according to officers.

The only way DNR would intervene is if the bear become hostile, LPD said. They will attempt to subdue and relocate the animal.

Laurens Police Department is asking the public to not go to area or neighborhoods where they might hear the bear might be to try to get a look or picture because this could provoke or scare the bear and cause it to react.

If you see the bear is getting too close to a residence and/or shows signs of hostility, call 911 immediately, officers said.