GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – The Greenville Police Department said they have warrants out for the arrest of two suspected burglars who played soccer at North Greenville University from a February 25th break-in.

Wyatt Meadors said when he woke up that day, his apartment was a wreck.

“The balcony door and the front door were open so I could tell something was off,” Meadors said.

Over $5,000 worth of stuff was stolen.

“All my guitars on the wall were gone, my TV was gone,” Meadors said.

Meadors called the police, trying to piece together what happened.

“Really the biggest thing was it was such a personal violation, violating our space, out personal belongings,” said Meadors.

The police department believed Christopher Holscher and Reno Pertrus Emilius Van Dee Meer are the two responsible, and both of them are believed to have left the country.

“We’re assuming that they went back to Germany or the Netherlands,” said Sgt. Johnathan Bragg with the Greenville Police Department.

Both are college athletes.

“We eventually got identifications from other people that knew them as attending the North Greenville school and further investigation revealed that they were here playing soccer,” said Bragg.

Police said most of the stolen items were recovered, but Meadors said it was difficult for him to recover mentally.

“My sleep schedule, my eating habits were really poor for a couple weeks after. I wouldn’t say I didn’t feel safe, but I felt uneasy in my own home, which is terrible,” Meadors explained. “Really a big thing too was for a while I didn’t know if I knew them or not and so having to worry about who can I trust.”

Since then, he said he’s put things in place to make sure this never happens again.

“I bought a ring camera just for a little bit of extra documentation, I get alerts when someone comes in and out. That has helped with peace of mind,” Meadors said.

The Greenville Police Department said if you know anything about the two suspects, or where they could be, to contact them immediately.

Police said there are warrants out for their arrest.

Officers said if they ever try to come back to the United States, they will be taken into custody immediately.