SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – A Spartanburg man was arrested Wednesday for misusing 911.

According to the Spartanburg Police Department, officers were dispatched around 12:04 p.m. to an area of John B White Senior Boulevard and West Henry Street in reference to a caller saying someone shot at him.

Police said, upon arrival, officers were flagged down by an individual later identified as Michael Rainey.

Rainey told the officers he was shot at in the area of South Forest Street according to the police.

The police said they were close by the area and did not hear any fired shots or anything that resembled the sound. They even asked other officers in that area about a possible shooting but were told they did not hear anything.

Police said Rainey did not know the identity nor could he describe the individual who allegedly shot at him when asked by the officers. Rainey was unable to describe the vehicle he claim the shots came from as well.

Officers said when they told Rainey they didn’t hear anything in that area, he became agitated and walked westbound towards John B. White Senior Boulevard towards Norris Ridge.

Around 12:17 p.m. the Spartanburg County Communications told officers the same caller called dispatch reportedly cursing stating that law enforcement did not come out to them about being shot in the area of South Forest Street.

Officers followed the direction Rainey had traveled away from them and encountered Rainey near Norris Ridge speaking with another officer, police said.

Officers said they placed Rainey in handcuffs.

The police department said they requested Spartanburg County Communications to call the number that made calls in reference to the shooting and Rainey’s phone began to ring.

He was placed under arrest for misuse of 911 and booked in to the Spartanburg County Detention Center according to police.