GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – March is brain injury awareness month and those at Prisma Health are doing their part to spread the word.

According the the Brain Injury Association of America, 3.6 million people sustain a brain injury nationwide annually.

In 1999, Dede Norungolo was one of them. A single car accident changed her life and her career. Now she works as an outpatient therapist at Prisma Health along with doctors like Sheldon Herring. He said the program is integral to helping brain injury survivors relearn simple skills.

“Just being able to see people regaining control of their lives and giving them stuff worth doing it’s just incredibly rewarding,” Dr. Herring said.

“Helping someone learn a new coping skill or strategy I only can do that because someone taught me and so paying it forward is fine with me,” Norungolo said.

The Brain Injury Association of South Carolina is currently holding a virtual 5-k to support survivors like Dede.