ANDERSON, S.C. (WSPA) – George Ducworth has had a hand in the arena of law for a long time, and now he’s hanging up his hat after a 45-year career.

He served as the 10th circuit solicitor for 20 years, as an aide to Senator Strom Thurmond, and his most recent endeavor with Anderson University.

“I helped start the criminal justice program here,” Ducworth said.

People you may know, like Sheriff Chad McBride in Anderson, Chief Howie Thompson in Greenville, Chief Jim Stewart in Anderson, and many others, all sat under Ducworth’s teaching before they entered into their roles now.

“I was actually in class one of the command college at Anderson University,” Chief Stewart said.

Stewart said he wouldn’t be the chief he is today without Ducworth’s influence on his life.

“I used to see him in court all of the time, he taught me. I see him at our chief’s conferences at Myrtle Beach. Same person. I think that’s the thing I probably learned more from him, is get involved in the community, be approachable, be the same person every day,” Stewart said.

Friday, dozens of Ducworth’s former students and colleagues celebrated his retirement and the impact he’s had on officers and deputies across the state.

“It’s very rewarding to see my former students be so successful in the community and be a real addition to the community and add a lot to our state, it’s been a real good experience,” Ducworth said.

In retirement Ducworth said he plans to work on his farm, finish the book he’s writin,g and also be involved on the committee to build the new Anderson County jail.