SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – A bill proposed by an Upstate lawmaker would consider abortions the same as murder and would make abortions punishable by the death penalty.

Representative Rob Harris is a Republican from Spartanburg County.

He said he filed house bill 3549 labeled The South Carolina Prenatal Equal Protection Act in December 2022.

If the bill is passed it would amend the state’s Code of Laws to say that life begins from the moment of fertilization.

“Basically, our US and South Carolina constitutions both provide for equal protection and due process of all lives. Equal protection of life and due process if you are accused of taking life,” Rep. Harris said. “It doesn’t change any of that. The first thing it does is define personhood. We have lacked the ability in South Carolina thus far to define personhood.”

The bill is still being considered in the House Judiciary Committee.