SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Environmental Enforcement officers are seeking information from the public after they found a puppy inside of a dumpster Thursday.

According to the Spartanburg County Environmental Enforcement Department, officers responded to the 500 block of Willis Terrance Road after receiving a call about a dog in a dumpster.

Once officers arrived on the scene, they found a black and tan male Shepherd/hound mix, around six to seven weeks old, lying inside the commercial dumpster along with bags of trash.

Officers also located a dog bed inside the dumpster.

William Roman, the county’s Environmental Enforcement Deputy Director, told 7News the puppy appeared to be healthy and was taken to Greenville Animal Care to be examined. He said the puppy will then be put up for adoption.

Angel Cox, the CEO of the Spartanburg Humane Society, said animals are abandoned at the humane society every week.

“We live in a throw away society,” said Cox. “I think people treat animals as property. They’re not seeing them as a living animal that can suffer or die. They’re saying, ‘I no longer want it so I’m going to get rid of it.’”

Cox encouraged anyone who can no longer care for their pet to contact their local animal shelter and reach out to family and friends.

Anyone with information about this puppy is asked to call the Environmental Enforcement Department at (864) 596-3582.