UNION COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Keeping people off your private property is now a little easier in South Carolina.

Instead of using no trespassing signs, people in South Carolina can mark their property using a purple paint stripe. The South Carolina Forestry Commission says paint may be a better option, because the signs can be damaged by severe weather.

Governor Henry McMaster signed the law into effect last week.

“It’s actually just another way of marking your property, because I think we were having some issues throughout the state of people pulling down the trespassing notices,” said Sheriff Jeff Bailey.

Union County Sheriff Jeff Bailey said you just have to put the paint on an immoveable object.

“It’s more of a permanent way of marking your property,” he said.

He says the purple stripe should be at least 8 inches long and 2 inches wide. He says the bottom of the stripe should be between 3 and 6 feet from the ground.

“It’s a better way to identify property lines and overall, I think it’ll be good for people when they mark their boundaries,” said Sheriff Bailey.

He said the marks should be no more than 100 yards apart from one another.

Bailey said trespassing complaints are something his deputies deal with regularly.

“People get into disputes and a lot of it is over property. So, you’ll have a lot of these calls,” he said.

Normally, he said they like to give a trespassing notice, because some people may not know they’re on private property. He said for homeowners should make sure their property is marked correctly.

“They can do it on their own, they don’t have to notify us. That’s one of the things, if somebody’s caught trespassing, We’re going to look and see if the property is actually marked the correct way. So, if you have the notice of if you have the purple paint, then we’ll know the property has been properly marked,” said Sheriff Bailey.

Makenzie Grady has 83 acres of land in the county.

She said there are tons of properties with no trespassing signs.

“There’s a bunch out here, actually, a lot of people have private property,” said Grady.

For her property, she said she thinks she will stick to the signs.

“Definitely the no trespassing, for sure. I don’t know, I just, I feel like people wouldn’t abide by just a purple stripe,” she said.

However you choose to mark your property, Sheriff Bailey said the same penalties for trespassing apply.

“It’s the same trespassing charges, still carry the same penalty and all that. But, it’s just a different way of marking your property now that people can’t destroy,” he said.

Sheriff Bailey said if you get a trespassing charge, you could face a fine or be looking at a 30-day jail sentence.