COLUMBIA, S.C. (WSPA) – The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control confirmed that a skunk found in Mountain Rest tested positive for rabies on Wednesday.

According to DHEC, no people have been exposed at this time.

Three dogs were exposed and quarantined as required by the South Carolina Rabies Control Act.

“Rabies is usually transmitted through a bite or scratch, which allows saliva from an infected animal to be introduced into the body of a person or another animal. However, infected saliva or neural tissue contact with open wounds or areas such as the eyes, nose, or mouth could also potentially transmit rabies,” said Terri McCollister, Rabies Program Team Leader. “To reduce the risk of getting rabies, always give wild and stray animals their space. If you see an animal in need, avoid touching it and contact someone trained in handling animals, such as your local animal control officer, wildlife control operator, or a wildlife rehabilitator. Please report all animal bites, scratches, and exposures to potentially rabid animals to DHEC.”

If you believe that you, someone you know, or your pets have come in contact with this skunk, or another animal that potentially has rabies, DHEC asks that you call the Environmental Affairs Anderson office at (864) 260-5585.