SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Fire crews in Spartanburg County had their hands full this weekend. One fire happened Saturday on Cunningham Street. Another, Sunday morning on Landis Park Lane. There’s no connection between the two, other than major damage being left behind.

Kyle Rogers told 7NEWS he never thought this would happen to his family.

“You never expect this kind of stuff especially with it being the winter and the snow, you would never expect it,” said Rogers, a resident of Spartanburg County.

But Saturday, it did.

“My wife called me and was like, our house is on fire,” Rogers said.

No one was home. A neighbor noticed the fire, and grabbed a hose to try to put out the flames.

“Never met him a day in my life, never talked to him and he was just there for me.”

Fire crews are still figuring out the cause.

But firefighters like Captain Darby Rollins from a nearby department told 7NEWS that this time of year is typically very busy.

“Seems like the past week or so, we’ve seen an uptick in fire responses, maybe not so much in the Westview community but definitely in our partnered areas,” said the Westview-Fairforest Fire Department Captain.

One of those areas is just about 12 miles away on Landis Park Lane in Spartanburg County. That’s where fire heavily damaged another home Sunday morning.

As for Rogers and his family, most of their precious belongings are destroyed. But he emphasized he’s just happy everyone is okay.

The Red Cross is assisting both families as the investigations into the causes of the fires continues.