HENDERSON COUNTY, N.C. (WSPA) – A registered sex offender was arrested Thursday for being on school property in Henderson County.

The Henderson County Sheriff’s Office said it was notified by Henderson County Public Schools that a staff member at Flat Rock Middle School, Maria Edina Walker was married to a registered sex offender, Jeffery Lynn Walker, and that he had been seen in a vehicle on the campus at Flat Rock Middle School.

Upon receiving this information from the school system, the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office began an investigation into this incident. 

As a result of the investigation, deputies arrested and charged both Maria Walker and Jeffery Walker.

Jeffery Walker, 46, was charged with two counts of felony sex offender unlawfully on premises. Jeffery Walker had a $50,000 bond.

Maria Walker, 50, was charged with two counts of felony aid and abet sex offender unlawfully on premises. Maria Walker had a $30,000 bond.

HCPS released the statement below.

On Wednesday, Dec. 15, we received an anonymous report that the spouse of one of our staff members, Maria Edina Walker, at Flat Rock Middle was a registered sex offender, and had been seen on the school’s campus in his vehicle. We immediately notified the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office, and began an internal investigation in cooperation with law enforcement.

As a result of that investigation, we confirmed that the individual in question, Jeffery Lynn Walker, is a registered sex offender and that at Maria Walker’s invitation, he had been on the Flat Rock Middle campus.

It is illegal for a registered sex offender to be on school property at any time, and Ms. Walker’s actions were grossly inappropriate and inexcusable. We immediately terminated Maria Walker from employment for her actions, which are a violation of state law and Board policy.

We are aware that law enforcement criminally charged both Jeffery and Maria Walker based on their investigation yesterday.

We will continue to investigate this matter to ensure the safety of all Flat Rock Middle students and staff.

Henderson County Public Schools’

Both are scheduled for a court appearance on Friday.