GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Tim Scott made stops in Greenville Monday as he campaigns for president.

The South Carolina senator and Republican presidential candidate greeted voters and answered questions about his run for president.

Scott said while he is out campaigning, his main focus right now is the war in Israel.

The presidential hopeful voiced his concerns with the war on social media prior to his meet and greet in Greenville, calling out President Joe Biden.

He continued those remarks Monday with concern for decision making in the White House.

“Without any question the weakness of Joe Biden attracts the attacks,” Scott said. “The negotiations, giving $6 billion to the Iranians frankly funds the attack and the first comment from the White House was to tell Israel to stand down even after the attack. That makes Joe Biden complicit with these attacks.”

Scott said the United States has sent $30 billion of military assistance to Israel over the last ten years. He said our country has prepared them to stand firm.

“They have the power, the authority, and the resources to, frankly, wipe Hamas from the map and we should stand shoulder to shoulder with them,” Scott said.

Scott said Israel is already equipped with the resources and manpower that they need to win the war but he said it was his suggestion to equip forces in the Mediterranean to show that the United States will support Israel in this fight.

Scott also commented on the United States military, pointing out what he called their issues under the Biden administration.

“One of the reasons why the military has been unfocused is because, under the Biden administration, we have allowed for social experimentation whether it is mandates or gender issues or abortion policy to seep into the soil of our military,” Scott said. “What they need and what they deserve from the commander in chief is someone who is focused on lethality and bringing our troops home safe.”

Scott said believes this could be a long-fought war, but the United States will continue to support Israel’s fight.