INMAN, S.C. (WSPA) – A road in the Upstate is on the way to being permanently closed, but those who travel it are fighting back.

A one-way road in Inman is used as an exit for people coming off of Asheville Highway. It’s in the process of being closed.

The city, Spartanburg County, and South Carolina Department of Transportation have all given it the green light, leaving some residents upset.

“This is absolutely idiotic,” said Theron Suddeth Jr.

“That road is something that the city has been looking at, for a long time, as a safety hazard,” said Inman city administrator Joe Lanahan.

Lanahan said the piece of property they call the triangle, at the corner of Asheville Highway, East Main, and Campton Road, has been underdeveloped for more than 20 years.

“In the last 18 months, a local investment has purchased the triangle and has also purchased the 7 acres that sit to the east of it,” said Lanahan.

Which Lanahan said makes them the only landowner for the piece of road on East Main Street.

It’s those developers who want this road closed to thru traffic.

“People use that, we call it a launching pad, to come off East Main Street and sustain their speed up East Main Street into a residential neighborhood,” he said.

Lanahan said the city, Spartanburg County and the SCDOT all gave their opinion on the road closure and are in favor.

“We could sit out there all day long, with our police force, and ticket folks all the time. We have done that, and we have received complaints from the neighborhood over the years,” said Lanahan.

Now, the decision lies with the judge.

“It’s not a city council decision. It’s been moved onto the Master-In-Equity,” he said.

Leaving some drivers upset.

“I drive a truck and I cannot make that corner, down there, with a truck and a trailer with traffic sitting in the left lane,” said Suddeth.

“To cut off traffic, all of a sudden, is just not the correct thing to do. It will cause wrecks,” said Petro Ramantanin.

The owner of Big Daddy’s, Petro Ramantanin, said he created a petition to stop the road closure.

“I turned it into the city council on Monday night. There are 160 plus names, of which 60 are absolutely, directly affected,” he said.

The city said closing it would be safer and allow for more economic growth.

Lanahan said the judge will be looking at a checklist to see if all the criteria are met and if they are, usually the road is closed. The petition from the landowners will be moving forward in court the first week of March.