SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA)- Officials are urging people to stay home if you can. They say road conditions aren’t going to clear up before the next day or two.

Despite the conditions, 7 NEWS saw a handful of brave souls out and about.

“The hard part was just getting out of the parking lot where at our ap complex, but once you’re on the road it’s not that bad.” USC Upstate student, Parker Lewis said.

However, that’s not the advice the South Carolina Department of Transportation is giving to the Upstate.

“Stay off the roads. That’s the safest thing to do,” SCDOT communications director, Pete Poore said.

Poore says now that it’s dark, conditions are going to get worse.

“Refreezing is probably not a problem, because it’s already frozen,” Poore said.

They have boots on the ground with dozens of crews treating the roads overnight.

“A new wave if you will of workers will go out, and resume treating, scrapping, pushing snow, whatever they have to do,” Poore said.

If you do find yourself in a sticky situation, help is available through the State Highway Emergency Program.

“They can dial *HP (*47), and see if they’re in the SHEP zone.”

SCDOT says if you have to go somewhere, to drive with caution.

As far as how long the roads will be icy, SCDOT says it could stay that way until temperatures get warm enough to melt everything.