GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – An increase to Greenville County’s road maintenance fee was approved Tuesday night.

Greenville County Council voted 7-5 to approve the $10 increase.

To read the full ordinance, click here.

The increase comes after a previous $10 increase to the road maintenance fee was deemed unfair by the South Carolina Supreme Court. The rate thereafter dropped back to $15 per year.

However, County Councilman Lynn Ballard said, the cut in income for the county led to a 30% decrease in new paving.

The supreme court ruling was undone after the state legislature passed a bill allowing fees of this nature.

Currently, drivers are paying a $15 a year per vehicle for the road maintenance fee. The increase will bring that to $25.

“Find people in the county that are satisfied with the roads now,” Ballard said. “People want the roads fixed.”

Council members said that recently passed legislation allowed the county to enact this increase.

The new fee is expected to take effect beginning in January.