GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Rockstar Cheer in Greenville County has closed its doors indefinitely following two lawsuits filed against the brand and its owner, Scott Foster.

The first lawsuit alleged Foster “had multiple communications with Plaintiff, primarily through Snapchat, that included messages of a sexual nature, nude pictures of himself and requests for nude pictures of Plaintiff. Plaintiff provided nude pictures to Foster via Snapchat.”

The lawsuit continued to state the “plaintiff was persuaded into performing various sexual acts including oral and penetrative sex with Foster.”

The second lawsuit was filed against Scott Foster, his wife Kathy Foster, Varsity Spirit, the U.S. All Star Federation, and others.

This lawsuit alleged coaches at Rockstar Cheer, including Scott Foster, of providing drugs and alcohol to the underage athletes and subjecting them to sexual abuse.

In the lawsuit, Scott and Kathy Foster are accused of purchasing a house, funded in part through rebates and cash they received from fees paid to Varsity by athletes, to host parties where drugs and alcohol were given to minors.

Rockstar Cheer released the following statement Tuesday evening:

We want to acknowledge the pain everyone is feeling during this incredibly difficult time. The information we are all receiving is dispiriting. We stand with you as you process this in whatever way you need.

Many of you have asked what will happen next to Rockstar and while so much is still uncertain, we are forced to make this incredibly difficult decision for the wellbeing of our community. Rockstar Cheerleading and Dance in Greenville will close its doors indefinitely. Although this is painful, we believe it is the best option to help everyone begin the healing process.

While we embark on our own journeys to process what has been alleged, some may have a longer and more difficult road. We must do all we can to help them. If you find yourself or someone else struggling or in crisis, please seek help immediately. You can find resources here and here

Over the past 15 years, our incredible athletes have worked hard to build a winning legacy. We want each of you to know that this does not detract from your talent, accomplishments, or bright futures.  

We are a family built on a foundation of resiliency. Together, we will rise above this and come out stronger than ever.

Rockstar Cheer Managment