GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – An urgent reminder this evening for drivers on South Carolina roads. If you’re in the left lane, either pass or get back to the right.

For motorcyclists, the list of roads driven up and down, gets lengthy.

“Florida, North Carolina, Georgia,” said Upstate Motorcyclist Jeremy Coleman.

During those trips though, riders like Jeremy Coleman observe some driving habits, both good and bad.

“Sometimes, it’s a little slow, a little aggravating, a little dangerous,” Coleman said.

Coleman is talking about what some call, ‘left lane hogs.’ Drivers who use the left lane for other than just passing.

It’s not only an annoyance for some drivers but since fall of 2021, it’s also against South Carolina law.

“To adhere to the law properly, you should not travel in the left-hand lane, unless you are overtaking or passing another vehicle,” Trooper Mitch Ridgeway told 7NEWS.

Trooper Mitch Ridgeway with the South Carolina Highway Patrol said enforcing the law can be tricky at times.

But so far, data from the South Carolina Highway Patrol show a little over 300 citations have been issued since 2021.

“The intent is to hopefully reduce the amount of congestion on our interstates, provide an open lane for our first responders and hopefully reduce some road rage,” Trooper Ridgeway explained.

Trooper Ridgeway said it comes down to just being courteous.

The penalty for violating the law is $25.

There are exceptions to this law. You are allowed to drive in the left lane if there isn’t a car behind you or if there’s bad weather, among some other exceptions.