SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA)- With a nationwide worker, shortage there is still time for teens in South Carolina to get a job for the remainder of summer break.

SC Works in Spartanburg said all industries are hiring.

A summer job might not be the way a student wants to spend their break, but it is a crucial time to join the workforce.

Johnnie-Lynn Crosby from SC Works said there is plenty of seasonal openings in the food and retail industry, as well as some distribution facilities.

With some retail jobs offering starting wages of $17 dollars, Crosby said it could be a good chance to help out with bills if needed or fill up the gas tank.

If food or retail isn’t the path you want to take, Crosby said there are apprenticeships available for students over the age of 16.

Crosby said, “if you know what your future employment looks like, try to find opportunities that are going to help you build upon that and give you skills for the future.”

SC Works is available to help anyone find work or a better job.

They encourage you to call or stop in their new office at 145 North Church Street. The entrance is on the Commerce Street side in Bay 110.