SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – In just 24 hours, road conditions across the Upstate have improved, however residents continue to find empty shelves at grocery stores.

As the week progresses, so does road cleanup across the Upstate.

“We had a good night,“ said Pete Poore, SCDOT Communications Director. “We were out there checking for black ice and any slick spots that might have developed, but there was no need to wholesale plowing and spreading of salt brine. So, that was good news.” 

SCDOT crews have covered thousands of miles of roadways, primarily clearing interstates and main roads.

According to the department, with those in mostly good condition, their focus is shifting to the secondary roads.

“We are starting to move north in Greenville County, Spartanburg County and work on the secondary roads up there that have gotten no attention unless the sunshine’s working on there,” explained Poore.

According to the department of transportation, many secondary roads encountered their first bit of work Tuesday morning. It’s just a matter of time until they are all cleared.

“They just started this morning. I am looking at the reports from the district office up there and I am not seeing any trouble,” said Poore. “It’s just a matter of time, staff, equipment, to get out there.” 

Across Spartanburg County, many residents are returning to the roads and their usual routines.

“It’s pretty good in some spots. But, in some spots it’s really slippery. So, it’s just something to be careful about. I mean, back roads are pretty bad,” said Jacqueline Pearson, Spartanburg County resident.

That includes returning to usual trips to the grocery store. There, an unpleasant surprise may await your arrival.

“They are pretty much empty. People are pretty much, I think, have gone crazy,” said Pearson. “There is like basically no milk or no bread. So, it’s pretty bad.” 

People explained to 7NEWS that while they are out restocking their home pantries, they are also keeping a close eye on the possibility of more winter weather on the radar for later this week.

Regardless, SCDOT officials says they still have the same message as they did Monday. If you have to be on the roads, it is recommended that you use your best judgement and be careful.