GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Things are moving quickly around the new I-85/385 Interchange in Greenville, as the speed limit has changed on a portion of Interstate 385.

If you’re driving down the section of I-385, between mile markers 35 and 39.5, you might notice you can drive a little bit faster.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation said the change was made last week.

Drivers 7NEWS spoke with said they have mixed feelings.

“Speeding up equals dangerous,” said driver Riana Reese.

The SCDOT said they’ve increased the speed limit from 55 mph to 65 mph.

“I just saw it, I recognized it a few days ago,” said driver Jason Dowswell.

Some drivers are on board with the increase.

“55 is kind of ridiculous through here, so 65 makes sense,” said Dowswell.

While others aren’t.

“People are driving crazy and ridiculous nowadays. It’s really reckless,” said Reese.

Reese, who uses the interstate at least twice a day, said she’s worried the increase will only make things worse for distracted drivers.

“You got phones, you got iPads, you got the little wristwatches,” she said.

The SCDOT said they’ve studied the stretch of road just south of the Woodruff Road interchange to North Pleasantburg Drive. They said:

  • the interstate now has 12-foot travel lanes
  • the paved shoulders are 10 feet or wider
  • the pavement is in good condition
  • rumble strips have been added for safety
  • cars were traveling safely at 65 miles per hour

Even with all the things they’ve found, some people behind the wheel still aren’t sure.

“Honestly, I have mixed feelings about it. I know 85 is always clogged up and I’m always stuck there, almost every single day, experiencing traffic. But, not as much for 385, so, I don’t know if it will speed up or slow things down,” said driver David Delon.

There is something which all the drivers 7NEWS spoke with agreed on, everyone speeds along this road.

“I think they’re probably going 80,” said Dowswell.

“Everybody speeds, at least 10 over,” said Delon.

“People are gonna be like ‘oh, I got 5 more extra miles I can put on the 65 that I’m going already,'” said Reese.

At the end of the day, they all said they just want people to be safe.

The Department of Transportation said they met with the representatives with the City of Greenville to get the green light on the plan.