MAULDIN, S.C. (WSPA) The South Carolina Department of Transportation is gearing up to repair the bridge on Bridges Road over I-385 in Greenville County.

It’s a road that leads to the new BridgeWay Station development in Mauldin. The SCDOT hopes to create a smoother commute for drivers.

From a distance, the Bridge’s Road bridge in Mauldin appears like every other state road. But when you take a closer look and commute over it, it can be a bumpy ride.

“I could probably feel more comfort driving on the surface of the moon,” Councilman Taft Matney, City of Mauldin.

Pothole after pothole, Matney said he has seen the repairs over the years.

“Some of the potholes have been patched. It’s not an even surface. It’s a very uneven surface and it does cause structural instability in automobiles when you are dealing with alignment issues, when you are dealing with potentially tires popping. So, it’s a very rough driving surface,” said Matney.

With an increasing number of people traveling through the city, the SCDOT said they have a plan for a more permanent fix.

“What we plan to do to the bridge deck is hydro-blast it. Think of that as an elevated pressure washing,” said Pete Poore, SCDOT Communications Director.

According to the SCDOT, it’s a project that will aim to maintain the bridge, repair the road, and improve the flow of traffic.

“The intent of the hydro-blasting is to break up the potholes so there are no little pieces and chunks and what not and smooth out all of those potholes and then we’ll come back with a new surface to put down and hopefully drivers will notice a nice smooth ride,” said Poore.

During the project, the SCDOT said they plan to also remove the concrete median on the bridge in an effort to widen the lanes.

While the project is a step in the right direction for drivers, city leaders said they hope it will lead to a bigger change.

“While resurfacing of the bridge is definitely a step and will save motorists money from having to get their cars realigned constantly, eventually that bridge is going to need to be replaced,” said Matney. “We are hoping that DOT, as well as the state, will start looking at a proactive measure rather than a reactive measure.”

The SCDOT plans to work on the project in June and July of next year.

Contractors are expected to lay out more the the details for the project Thursday, November 3rd in a public meeting at Mauldin High School.

Residents are encouraged to attend with comments and questions regarding the project.