FOUNTAIN INN, S.C. (WSPA) — The South Carolina Department of Transportation is reviewing a new 3-way stop in Fountain Inn, weeks after it was put in place.

The all-way stop at SC418 and Durbin Road was installed on April 7.

A SCDOT spokesperson said the goal was to address side street delays for some drivers on Durbin Road after a traffic engineering study was completed. Some drivers believe the intersection change is actually creating more traffic.

“It’s definitely slowed it,” said Jason Taylor, a driver in Fountain Inn.

On Monday, Jason Taylor and Amy Craft said the new traffic system is slowing down the flow of cars in the area.

“There will be accidents here because of this,” said Taylor.

They also said it’s creating traffic jams during morning and afternoon rush hour.

“It [traffic] has been backed up to that gas station down there,” said Craft.

Before the three-way stop, there was one stop sign at Durbin Road. Now, new signs and flags signal the all-way stop.

“I was very surprised. I almost ran it,” said Paul Webb when he first discovered the change at the intersection.

Webb agrees that the traffic pattern change is slowing down some drivers, but he thinks it’s a good thing.

“In the morning, I’ve seen it get probably 30 to 50 cars back, but as long as people are courteous, it flows pretty well,” said Webb.

SCDOT leaders are studying the intersection to see if more modifications are needed. Leaders said anytime they make a change to traffic, this is done. Webb believes as traffic slows down, it’s keeping people safe. He also said as drivers try to avoid traffic, they’re finding alternative routes, including near his downtown business.

“I have seen the traffic flow through town increase since this has come up because people don’t really like to wait,” said Webb.

But as the city grows, some drivers said the intersection needs a long-term solution.

“A roundabout,” said Taylor and Craft.

They said new developments add more drivers and more traffic to an already busy area.

“It’s fairly busy, especially now with some new subdivisions popping up, this one down here just popped up and that one up there is less than three years old,” said Taylor.

A SCDOT spokesperson said the after-action study on this three-way stop will wrap up on Friday. He also said from 2018 through June 2021, there were two right-angle, one rear end, and two run-off-road crashes at the intersection. The primary factor in those crashes was driving too fast on SC418.

Fountain Inn Mayor GP McLeer tells 7NEWS both roads are state-owned and all decisions are made by the Department of Transportation. He said he looks forward to the traffic study results.