SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – The South Carolina Department of Transportation has announced that County Club Road in Spartanburg is closed due to construction.

According to officials, Country Club Road (S-47) between South Pine Street (U.S. 176) and Union Street (S.C. 56) is shut down.

During the closure, SCDOT will make roadway improvements including the installation of drainage systems and curbs. Officials said that the road will remain open to local traffic during the closure.

Drivers traveling on Washington Road toward Country Club Road (S-47) may turn left onto Union Street (S.C. 56). Drivers also may turn right onto East Henry Street (S-206) and right onto South Pine Street (U.S. 176), returning to Country Club Road (S-47).

Drivers traveling on Country Club Road (S-47) may turn right onto South Pine Street (U.S. 176), left onto East Henry Street (S-206), and left onto Union Street (S.C. 56) toward the intersection of Country Club Road (S-47).

Officials with the city of Spartanburg have also said that the closure will last for approximately two months. The project is a part of SCDOT’s Union Street to Whitestone-Glendale project. According to officials, roadwork will include realignment and raising the road at the railroad crossing. Sidewalks will not be open to pedestrian traffic during the closure, however, businesses and homes in the area will remain accessible.

The Rail Trail parking area off of County Club Road will also be closed, however, the trail itself will remain open. Trail visitors will need to park at 295 East Henry Street or along Glendale Road for the duration of the closure.