GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – Alexis Ware has been missing for five months. Now, the family hopes a new billboard will lead them to answers.

Ware was last seen on January 30th. Since then, there have been multiple searches, but she hasn’t been found.

On Thursday night, Ware’s family and Community Activist Bruce Wilson, with Fighting Injustice Together, held a candlelight prayer vigil in her honor.

“Just prayer and faith in God that she’s okay,” said Katrina Gray, Ware’s aunt.

“It’s been five months and she’s still missing, and we just want her home,” said Alberta Gray-Simpkins, Ware’s mother.

Ware was last seen leaving the 7-Eleven gas station in Anderson on Highway 29 North.

“She is a mom. She is a daughter. Her kids miss her, they need her. Her mother misses her. We all miss her,” Gray said.

Ware’s family said she was at the gas station dropping off her children, with her child’s father, and then she sped off in her red Honda. They said they haven’t heard from her since.

“I miss her. I pick up the phone sometime and I think about the phone calls that we shared daily, throughout the day, all day. I talked to my baby all day and I miss that,” Gray-Simpkins said.

After her 30th birthday has passed, and many searches later, Ware’s family hopes a new billboard along Woodruff Road will be a new sign of hope.

“Just putting it out there, it’s giving me that hope. It’s giving me something to hold on to,” Gray-Simpkins said.

“Lexi if you could hear us, we love you we miss you. We will never stop looking for you,” Gray said.

The billboard was donated by the Black and Missing Foundation (BAMFI), a non-profit
organization that brings awareness to missing people of color across the country, a press release said.

Now, the family hopes that the billboard will increase visibility and bring awareness of her disappearance. They hope this will reel in more tips that will bring Ware home alive.

“Just holding on to hope. That’s all. I’m just holding on to it. I just feel like somebody out there has some information. Somebody knows something and we just want to keep the light shining,” Gray-Simpkins said.

Ware’s family said BAMFI not only donated the billboard on Woodruff Road, but another billboard will go up in Anderson at a later date.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office said this is still an ongoing investigation. The FBI has also been involved in this case.

Ware’s family is still offering a $5,000 reward for information that leads to finding her.

If you know anything, you’re asked to call the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office at 864-260-4405. You can visit to learn more about the organization’s mission.