SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – If you are tired of driving over potholes and cracked roads, you will be glad to know about a plan to address that.

 Spartanburg County is trying to put another Penny Sales Tax on the ballot in November. If approved by voters, the money it would generate would be used to fix the county’s roads and bridges.

Drivers 7NEWS spoke to in the county are fed up with the roads.

“We don’t even have to see the state sign to know we’re back in South Carolina.”

They said it’s pothole after pothole on the roads.

“A lot of times, you don’t know they’re there until you’ve hit them. Which is sometimes frustrating, because you think about them knocking your tires out of line, messing your car up. A lot of times people try to drive around them, to avoid them, and they get in your lane,” said Tammy Walker.

“The citizens of Spartanburg County are demanding better roads, safer roads. We drive these roads too and I know how dangerous they are,” said councilman David Britt.

David Britt, on Spartanburg County Council, said council wants to green light another Penny Sales Tax.

The first one, used to renovate the courthouse, was approved by voters in 2017. This one would fix the cracks and potholes on your commute.

“It’s not just about driving on a smooth road, it’s about safety, life and death,” said Britt.

If approved by voters, money spent on clothes, shoes and in restaurants would continue to be taxed an extra cent, for the next 6 years. Unprepared foods at the grocery store and medicines are not included in this tax.

Britt said with all the growth, this Penny Sales Tax would bring in $478 million.

“35% of that 478 million dollars will be paid by people from outside of Spartanburg County,” said Britt.

He said they wouldn’t just fix the county roads, but partner with SCDOT to fix state roads too.

“Everybody wants to complain that the roads are so terrible, well, here’s an opportunity to fix it. The sad thing is, if we don’t do this, there’s not a good alternative,” stated the councilman.

Residents like Tammy Walker said they’re on board.

“So many people are traveling our roads now than they have in the past, so I think it would be a great investment in our roads if they could get that passed,” she said.

All in an effort by the county to breathe new life into the roads and promise a safer, smoother drive.

Britt said the plans have to be approved by a commission and then presented back to council. Everything has to be done by August 15th to get on the November ballot.

Spartanburg City Council also has to vote on the Penny Sales Tax, that vote is expected to happen Monday night.