CLEMSON, S.C. (WSPA) – The death toll in Israel is continuing to rise as the fight between Hamas militants and Israeli troops is intensifying. 

“Americans have died in this attack,” said U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina). “There’s blood on the hands of the Ayatollah, American blood.”

In the wake of the ongoing war in Israel, Senator Lindsey Graham is calling on America to understand the weight of this war.

“This is an Israeli 9/11 on steroids,” said Graham. “It is one of the most vicious, barbaric attacks of the 21st century or any other century.”

He said Israel and Saudi Arabia having a normal relationship would be Iran’s worst nightmare, and it’s no coincidence that as the peace process between the two countries was progressing, Hamas militants attacked.

Now Senator Graham hopes the United States steps in to help in more ways than one.

“I talked to the Israelis today, clearly Iran is behind this,” said Graham. “I think it’s now time for us to consider with our friends in Israel to hit Iran’s oil economy. If there is an escalation of this war, I am urging the Biden administration and the Israelis to jointly come up with a plan to destroy Iran’s oil infrastructure. Without oil they have no money. Without money, terrorism loses its biggest benefactor.”

This Hamas attack is something the United States and Israel clearly didn’t see coming, however, Senator Graham said it’s important we understand how we missed the signs.

“Israel clearly had a major intelligence failure,” said Graham. “We need to find out how that happened and how did we miss it?” 

The senator said what the Biden administration is doing is not working. He said while America’s resources are dwindling from helping both Ukraine and now Israel, we need to do everything we can now before it’s too late.

“I see the world at a tipping point,” said Graham. “If Putin gets away with Ukraine and we fold, China will as sure as I’m standing here go into Taiwan soon, not later. If we do not stick with Israel, Iran will get more emboldened. It is now time to give Israel the space to destroy and dismantle Hamas.”