MOORE, S.C. (WSPA) – “Hey Jack Roper here at the Carpenter’s Table, a food bank here in Moore, South Carolina. Our Caring fo the Carolinas award for the month of September goes to Heather Ellis, a volunteer. Let’s go meet her right now,” Jack Roper, Carolina for the Carolinas host, said.

Heather Ellis, Caring for the Carolinas award recipient, said, “This is Henrietta, we’re sitting here at the Carpenter’s Table, in Moore off Reidville Rd. They are a local food bank.”

“Heather Ellis is one of our biggest supporters,” Joe Bullington, Carpenter’s Table Board Member, explained. “She and her sons do a tremendous job for us – it takes a lot of work to raise chickens and harvest eggs, and then turn around and donate them.”

“I give them treats and I also get the eggs from the barn, and he helps with that sometimes too,” Zay Ellis, award recipient’s son, said.

Ben Ellis, the award recipient’s other son, said, “I help guard him when we’re trying to get the chickens in.”

“Yeah, ‘cause one rooster’s mean, but that’s okay,” Zay explained.

According to Bullington, “Ms. Ellis and her sons have provided over 200 dozen eggs for us since spring.”

“Our Caring for the Carolinas award for the month of September goes to this young lady, and of course I’ll save your name for a minute, I’ve got to mention our sponsors, that would be our friends at Ingles, Unclaimed Furniture, Bath Fitter and Hamricks,” Roper said. “This is Heather Ellis, her offspring, that’s Henrietta the Chicken, her sons Zay and Ben, you win the September Caring for the Carolinas Award. Applause, applause!”