GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA)- According to Global Education Philanthropist, Super Bowl weekend is the number one time children are sold for sex, and technology is helping these predators track and trick their prey.

The game millions of Americans gather together to watch.

However, for some, it’s a very dangerous day.

As the founder of Global Education Philanthropist, Cammy Bowker says during Super Bowl weekend, more children are sold into human trafficking than any other time.

This is according to Homeland Security numbers, law enforcement cases, and research conducted by several institutions.

“The Super Bowl is kind of deemed as the weekend to have sex with minors,” Bowker said.

Adding, “People want the largest experience, bigger than life, throwing the biggest party,”

Bowker says it’s not just an issue in the city where the Super Bowl takes place.

“Yes it’s happening more where people are flying in to take part in the festivities,” Bowker said. “But that’s not the only place Super Bowl parties are happening. All of our neighborhoods are having parties, people from all over are getting together, so no it’s not strictly to Vegas, to Tampa, to any other American city. It’s everywhere.”

How this happens, Bowker says, “The internet changes everything.”

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

It doesn’t matter which media platform it is.

Bowker says sex traffickers flock to the internet more than ever during Super Bowl weekend.

“I know a case where a girl was getting trafficked on snapchat via live stream,” Bowker said.

A case she says might have been stopped if her parents were aware.

That’s why she’s urging moms and dads to pay attention.

“Know who your kids are talking to online. I know as parents sometimes it’s easier to not get into confrontation with them. Believe me I’m a mom, I understand for sure. But know who they’re talking to online,” Bowker said.

There are places to identify a victim of sex trafficking especially during Super Bowl weekend.

A lot of victims can be found staying in hotels.

If you think you see signs of trafficking, call law enforcement immediately.