SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – The SJWD Water District gave an update Wednesday on efforts to address discolored water in parts of the Upstate.

The water district said their efforts were working but there could be residual taste and odor issues in some areas, even after the discoloration clears.

“We are implementing additional water treatment processes to reduce these issues,” SJWD said in a update sent to customers Wednesday. “While the water may not be aesthetically pleasing over the next few days, testing confirms it meets all drinking water regulations for safety, and it is safe to drink.”

SJWD said boiling the water will not provide any added benefit.

Customers in the water district have been dealing with issues involving discolored water after dry conditions forced the provider to adjust how water was drawn from their main reservoir, Lyman Lake.

The discoloration was blamed on higher-than-normal levels of iron and manganese in the water.