LAURENS COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office are on the scene of an incident Thursday afternoon in Laurens County.

SLED agents were requested by the sheriff’s office to respond to Durbin Farms Road and Durbin Church Road in Gray Court.

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office said the situation was “contained” and that there was no threat to the public.

Deputies said a suspect is in custody but gave no further details.

7NEWS spoke to neighbors. Elena Roman said she was on her deck, like a typical Thursday morning.

“The first thing I saw is the sheriff in front of my house and then the sheriff on the corner. Then, they were pulling the ambulance in and backing into my neighbors,” said Roman. “So, I assumed it was my neighbor.”

She said there were lights and sirens for miles.

Roman’s neighbor, Mimi Zabala, said usually the only noises around the area are dogs barking or cows mooing.

“It’s very scary. I mean, this is the most that’s ever happened, the busiest thing that’s ever happened on this street,” said Zabala. “Because this is a dead-end street, if you’re coming down this street, you’re coming here for a reason.”

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office, Greenville County Sheriff’s Office SWAT and SLED surrounded the Gray Court home for more than five hours.

Little information has been released as to why.

“It’s been baffling, like, ‘oh my God, why doesn’t this person just give up.’ Like, is somebody hurt, are the police hurt? You know, there’s more of them coming, like shots are fired and you don’t know,” said Roman.

Residents said this is a tight-knit neighborhood.

“It’s just worrying about someone being hurt, and you know, it is scary. You never know who comes out with what,” said Zabala.

“We always keep an eye out on each other, that’s what neighbors should do. We’re living in some scary times, right now, and we’ve got to have each other’s back.”

SLED could not release any more information at this time.

Stay with us for the latest information.

  • SLED and deputies are on the scene of an incident in Laurens County.
  • SLED and deputies are on the scene of an incident in Laurens County.